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What can I expect from dental implants?

Implants can even help a patient missing just one tooth. In the past, the two adjacent healthy teeth had to be ground down and “sacrificed” to build a three-unit bridge to replace the single missing tooth. Today, a single implant can often be placed in between the teeth and a crown can be fabricated without affecting the healthy teeth adjoining the missing tooth.

What should I know about financial information?

We understand that you may have questions about your treatments and associated fees for services. We encourage you to contact us and share any concerns so that we can address them and ensure you are able to receive the care you expect. We keep all of your information confidential and can discuss your financing and payment responsibilities. Our staff is trained to be direct and honest about your financial information, insurance costs and more. There are opportunities to meet your needs even when your treatments may not be covered by insurance.

Insurance usually covers basic preventive care and conventional restorative dentistry. We recommend treatment plans based on your optimum care needs and goals, which quite often require state-of-the-art solutions to achieve the results you expect and, we believe, create the most benefits.

At StoneRidge Dental Care, we accept most major credit cards such as Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover. We also offer CareCredit  to our patients, who offer financing plans that may assist in paying for treatments and procedures at reasonable rates. Please inquire about these financing options and do not hesitate to discuss your financial need with our staff, again, your information is kept confidential.

Ask Us About Our Dental Warranty!

What are Oral Appliances?

Oral appliances are a lot like the retainers or night guards you may have seen in the past. The patient wears the device at night, which keeps the airway open to maintain normal breathing patterns. The appliance is comfortable, quiet and very easy to take with you when you travel. It also is a delight to loved ones who can sleep soundly without the noise of snoring or machines like a CPAP. Oral appliances are simply smart and effective. These devices are also cost effective and non-invasive, like other options, including surgery.

Do I need a Sleep Apnea test?

We can screen you in the office by fully understanding your medical and dental history. We also perform an exam and evaluate the patient. We also can administer screening tools or recommend further testing or sleep study to accurately diagnose sleep apnea.

If you feel you or someone you love may suffer from sleep apnea, or you experience any of the symptoms mentioned above, please contact StoneRidge Dental Care for a screening consultation.

How do I choose the best dentists for porcelain veneers? 

First, you should question the training of the dentist. Have they had any hands-on training since graduating from dental school? Have they had extensive experience in placing veneers? All of the doctors at StoneRidge Dental Center have had extensive training in veneer placement for beautiful, natural looking porcelain veneers Gahanna. It is important to choose a dentist who has had extensive training and experience in the placement of veneers. Sometimes we see the “chicklet” effect when patients have had veneers placed by dentists without comprehensive esthetic training. Large, bulky veneers, or too few veneers so that the front four or six teeth literally “pop” out at you is the result of a lack of esthetic training.

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