Restorative Dentistry

dental careDentures & Partials

Partial and full dentures allow our team to restore smiles after significant tooth loss. Partials fill the gaps in smiles, and are snapped into place like a puzzle piece anchored by remaining healthy teeth. Full dentures combine a row of replacement teeth with a gum-colored base that is crafted to fit snugly against the gums, creating suction that holds the denture in position. With proper care, partials and full dentures remain comfortable and secure for years. We also offer dental implant-supported dentures for added stability. We use state-of-the-art Pala & 3D dentures for beautiful, natural looking smiles.

Crowns & Bridges

Dental crowns are designed to restore needed strength to individual teeth that have become injured, decayed, or weakened, fitting over the remaining natural shape in order to protect and enhance it. Patients from Gahanna, OH and surrounding areas can find a sturdy tooth replacement solution in dental bridges. Our doctors offer restorations crafted from high quality ceramics for exceptional cosmetic improvements that are sure to benefit the self-confidence of our patients.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Patients who’ve had traditional amalgam (silver) fillings placed in the past will be happy to hear there’s an alternative – tooth-colored dental fillings. Crafted from life-like composite resin, tooth-colored fillings rebuild areas of decay in conservative, aesthetically pleasing ways, allowing patients to keep on smiling brightly without the need for unnatural, standout spots.

Root Canal Therapy

The words root canal can strike fear in the heart of even our bravest patients, but they shouldn’t. The pain associated with root canal therapy is actually caused by the infection that precedes the procedure. Root canals are necessary when tooth decay or trauma accesses the inner, pulp, layer of teeth. The nerve system of teeth is housed within the pulp, and when decay or damage accesses the nerve, the result is a severe toothache. Root canal therapy is a simple procedure that removes the infected tissue, restores the damaged tooth, and in most cases, root canals relieve the toothache pain almost immediately.