Instructions for Dentures & Partials

Patient Instructions for the Care of Removable Partial Denture and Denture Appliances

  1. Brush the appliance daily. Cleaning or soaking agents will not remove all debris. A tapered brush is helpful to clean guiding surfaces and under clasps. A denture brush or brush with rounded tip bristles should be used to clean the acrylic portions of the appliance.
  2. Remove the appliance from the mouth for brushing so all surfaces can be accessed.
  3. Brush the appliance over a basin of water or over a towel to decrease the risk of damage if it is dropped during the brushing process. Avoid squeezing or bending flexible parts.
  4. Toothpaste manufactured for natural teeth may be too abrasive for the RPD (removable partial denture) appliance and should be avoided. Appropriate cleaning agents include regular soap or pastes designed specifically for dentures.
  5. Caution: Do not use abrasive household cleaners on the RPD appliance because they may damage both the acrylic and metal components.
  6. Caution: Do not soak partial dentures in solutions containing chlorine bleach. This can damage metal frameworks irreparably.
  7. Store the clean denture in water to prevent the acrylic areas from drying out and changing dimension. Denture cleaners are not a substitute for brushing, but they may be placed in the water bath after the dentures have been manually brushed.
  8. Remove heavy stains by periodically immersing the appliance overnight in white vinegar, followed by normal brushing in the morning.
  9. Ultrasonic cleaning units designed for dentures may be used.
  10. Leave the denture out of the mouth overnight so that the oral tissues, which are under constant load during the day, can rest and recuperate. This facilitates natural cleansing by the cheeks, lips, and tongue, and provides more complete saliva bathing and buffering of the remaining natural teeth.
  11. Insert and remove the appliance by hand. Never “bite” it into place. The denture should be inserted and removed along the same path. Call 614-476-6696 to set up an appointment for any adjustments.